Overcoming chronic pain, severe autoimmune disorders, mood disorders, chronic Lyme, chronic CDiff...

Hello! My name is Rebekah Farmer. I've always had a passion for health, nature, Fitness, and holistic nutrition / medicine. 

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 6th grade. In seventh grade, I ran into chronic pain. I was rushed to the emergency room with severe chest pains, and left with a diagnosis of costochondritis and degenerative disc. I was then diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, Narcolepsy, and a myriad of digestive issues such as gastroparesis, IBS, IBD, slow transit colon, Celiac and diverticulitis. I started regular Chiropractic treatments to address scoliosis and chronic pain. I went through multiple rounds of physical therapy, but symptoms continued to worsen. Shortly after graduating high school, I ran into chronic adrenal fatigue, crippling anxiety and pain so bad that I was bed bound. I had difficulty breathing, with frequent episodes of near- suffocation.

Desperate and afraid, I knew that I needed to dig deeper. I ventured to uncover the root of my issues, working with multiple functional medicine doctors, and embarked on a more strict/ personalized version of the ketogenic diet. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, ulcerative colitis, Addisons, Hashimotos hypothyroid, CREST scleroderma, and a central nervous system disorder called Central Sensitization Syndrome (see youtube video by Dr. Sletten of Mayo Clinic). With Keto, various supplements, and support I was able to get off of Adderal, Clonazepam, and Ambien after being dependent on them for 13 years. I gained energy and focus, and reversed Hashimotos! My cystic acne also cleared completely. I was only just beginning to break free from the cage that I became burrowed into after years of quick "fixes" and excessive rounds of antibiotics ordered by traditional med doctors. I have continued to strip off the band-aids to uncover the sources and contributors to systemic disease that almost took my life, and more importantly my hope and joy.

After losing a severe amount of weight, I was diagnosed with chronic chlostridium difficule (C-Diff). I am resistant to all of the antibiotics, and have now had 3 fecal transplants. I was told that I should consider removing my colon, and that I needed a feeding tube. I refused and instead decided to commit to the one thing that I avoided trying for so long... Nothing brought relief or nourishment back into my body until I started the carnivore way of eating.

I have gained back 65 healthy pounds of mostly muscle, and have overcome almost all of my autoimmune issues. I have broken up deep layers of scar tissue that was taking over my body and limiting mobility; now there is new, strong, healthy muscle. My mood has never been more stable, and I am mentally resilient. No more swollen ankles or strange skin rashes/ hives. No more involuntarily throwing up due to painful digestive disorders. My energy is steady and dependable, and I'm sleeping the best I have in my entire life. I have true peace, joy, and gratitude when those have been so scarce in the past. I have gained so much freedom in this journey thus far and I am passionate and thrilled to help others overcome their battles, and reach their goals -beyond expectation!

I truly believe that there is no one diet that fits all. Each of us are bio-individual and should be treated as such. We are always changing, and I believe that it is important to delegate and honor our bodies with constant care and understanding. I believe that behavior, environment and lifestyle play a huge role in Health and Wellness, along with many other factors.

I believe that it is important to appreciate the journey, and make it enjoyable! This is the key to success. We are called to live life abundantly!

I am full of gratitude and excitement for what is ahead of me, and am loving the endless pursuit of optimizing Health and Wellness - mind, body, and spirit. 

 I have over 15 years of experience with a Paleo and Ketogenic lifestyles (2 years Carnivore), extensive knowledge on supplements and biohacking. I am a certified health and life coach (Health Coach Institute). I am passionate about people, cooking, holistic nutrition, functional medicine, music, regenerative agriculture, freedom, and my Faith. I am truly so grateful for what God has brought me through, and can't wait to help you on your own journey!

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Individualized Health & Wellness Coaching

There are a wide variety of coaching options so to work with your needs, goals and schedule in an ideal manner.

A free Breakthrough Session is now offered to everyone! This is designed for you to share all of your details, for us to identify the interference, and establish which coaching option might be best for you. 

I offer 1-on-1 as well as group and family coaching via phone, Skype, email, or in person. Whether it be a single phone consult, 1 month, six months, or a full year - I will walk alongside you, providing consistent support and guidance. 

For locals, I also offer cooking demos, grocery store hauls/pantry revamps! 

Based on my 15+ years of intensive experience, we will address your health goals and I will create a tailored plan to ensure your success. I will provide and maintain a detailed and clear plan for you to apply day to day, and provide the guidance and support needed to make tweaks along the way, in order to optimize results and guarantee success.

 I love to help those who wish to be helped, and I will never give up on those who choose not to give up on themselves! We are in this together ♡. 

It is my joy to help you discover your light. I strive to equip you with the tools, understanding and support necessary to let it shine again, brighter than ever!

Personalized Services include:

• Holistic assessment and planning

• Grocery store outings

• *Unlimited* 1:1 coaching - on planned calls, online, or on site

• Weekly check in at minimum

• Holistic medicine - suggestions and resources

• Optimized approach for your unique goals

• Health goals and care plans

• Exercise and fitness tips/planning/strategies

• Custom supplement regime

• Personalized meal plans & recipes

• Nutritional analysis

• Understand, identify and address physical and emotional concerns

• Full guidance and support

​• Develop intuition and understanding to carry and guide you for the rest of your life

• *Healing at a systemic level*

Simply get in touch to schedule your first session! Feel free to reach out with your questions or concerns as well. 

Email at rcfarmer18@gmail.com

Direct message through facebook or instagram at tailoredketohealth

Or contact directly from the "Contact me/ Get in Touch" section, below. 


“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

-Thomas Edison



Alyssa Vercler

I can’t say enough good things about this girl! She has helped me through so many hurdles and she continues to do so. I have struggled on and off with an eating disorder for over 9 years. Rebekah not only helped me find food freedom, but she taught me to nourish my body and use food for fuel. She empathizes with you, but she also finds a solution. She will never leave you to fend for yourself. I love Rebekah and couldn’t be more grateful for the life she has opened up for me with her support. If you’re scared, searching for an answer with your weight issues, and don’t know where to turn to, Rebekah can help. She not only cares about helping you find a healthy relationship with food but she cares and addresses your emotional and spiritual needs, too. She is the best and I couldn’t recommend someone more than this sweet lady!

David Clarke

I wholeheartedly endorse Rebekah Farmer and her Keto diet Coaching program! Rebekah has provided me with invaluable insights into eating healthier. I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, with Rebekah’s advice and coaching I have lost 15 pounds in 60 days with NO EXERCISE. Literally, no exercise! I’m not joking, I’ve tried every diet fad under the sun and none have worked for me. I went vegan/ vegetarian and my triglycerides skyrocketed. I’ve had high cholesterol my whole life and have just been FAT. I was 210 pounds on August 1, 2018 and felt terrible. I knew something had to change. I went cold turkey off carbohydrates. I trusted Rebekah’s guidance and listened to her words of encouragement and inspiration. She has lived the Keto diet for most of her adult life. If you truly desire REAL change, you’re committed, and you want to LIVE a LONGER, HEALTHIER LIFE, trust Rebekah!

Jaynie Dylan

Rebekah was super helpful to me when I had questions regarding sleeping and my thyroid on the carnivore lifestyle. She’s very knowledgeable and thoughtful and went far beyond what I would have expected to give me all the tips and advice to help me succeed on the carnivore diet. Her story was so  inspiring to me and I found her to be very enthusiastic and  extremely supportive with all her knowledge. 

Abbey Jackson

Rebekah has truly saved me from what I was becoming. For about a year I did great with counting calories and maintaining my macronutrient counts everyday and lost 70 pounds on my own. In April 2019, I took on a full time job and no longer had the time to meal prep and count my calories everyday and I was extremely stressed. I began binge eating every single day, lost my drive in the gym, and struggled worse than I ever had with my mental health. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was 12 years old. I started working with Rebekah on January 15, 2020 and my life has changed dramatically. I’m living a life that I’ve never experienced before. I feel free from my addiction to food, my mental health is the best it has been in years and I feel as though I’m finally able to appreciate things in my life that I wasn’t able to before. She taught me how to cook foods so that my options weren’t limited, went shopping with me, and showed me that I can eat without counting calories and still be successful. She also taught me about how Ketosis works so I would further understand why it isn’t necessary to track. I am no longer miserable and trapped within myself. I have energy to get through each day, I am able to focus on the tasks I am working on, and I finally feel like I’m starting to get my life under control at 20 years old. I chose not to take care of myself for years and this is the first time I have invested in myself in a long time and I never knew how dramatic the difference could be. Not only am I grateful for this journey and Rebekah, but my friends, family, and boyfriend are as well. They have all seen me at my worst and now they are seeing me on my way to being my best. I can’t wait to see how much more I can improve. Not to mention that I’ve already lost roughly 18 lbs since my last doctors appointment on December 28, 2019. These are massive accomplishments for me and I’ll forever be grateful for what Rebekah has done for me.   

Giulia Bertola

This is me, Giulia Bertola!I was a very energetic girl, I played sports, always busy and I ate everything!at some point in my life I felt that something was wrong with my body, I was not well, always tired, as soon as I ate I was sick, panic attacks, pains all over my body.after many visits and doctors I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but things have worsened since then, after work stress and two pregnancies the situation has become more and more serious!I went from 80 kg to 49 kg, the pains focused on the digestive system and I could no longer eat anything.alone I did a lot of research on nutrition because I just wanted to live! many types of food were recommended to me by non-competent people, they told me to do the Macrobiotic diet, and my situation degenerated, I was dying eating!I never gave up and I started looking for a breakdown in nutrition!I started the paleo diet, but it wasn't enough, I was still sick.I have not given up I have searched again, studies, searches in English, I have translated many texts, I have been informed, and thanks to instagram I have met the carnivorous diet!I start this diet and one evening I find myself reading the story of Rebekah, it seemed my story, so thin, but with a great strength to live!then I decide to write to her and she replies immediately.from the beginning she gave me many tips with a written text, so I could translate more easily!this is the way to heal my intestine!with her advice I started eating fats and proteins, to stabilize the levels of hypoglycaemia and my thinness.eat in an 8 hour window and 16 hour fast.cut pork meat and eat organ meat, including liver!decrease stress, cold showers, saunas ... she has always been close to me and has answered all my doubts.she gave me many tips on what to eat and how to cook fatty cuts.she recommended an integration to improve my intestinal problem and to get real salt and food!the bone broth she recommended is helping me a lot.it was really helpful to me, now it's up to me to practice yoga and meditation, relaxing muscle.thanks to her help, so much faith and hope in my recovery has come back, that God help us!I know that my healing process will still be long, but I really think this is the right way, after seeing some improvements on my body.let's eat real food!after fibromyalgia I was diagnosed with scleroderma, so the entire digestive system hit me and I am fighting to heal my intestines after years of intoxication!


I would like to say a huge Thankyou to Rebekah for aiding me on my carnivore journey. Thanks to her experience and knowledge she was able to tell me where I was going wrong and get me on the right track. 
AbbiLondon England

Shawn Wells

Rebekah is a driven, passionate change agent knowledgeable in keto, carnivore and Paleo diets. She has an inspirational health journey that is sure to connect with so many needing her help.


I can’t say enough good words about Rebeka. This morning I felt so depressed, discouraged, and hated myself for being 151 on the scale. It was the perfect timing when she called me. We had an over the phone consultation where I learned many misconceptions and conjectures that I had. She has cleared up so many things that words can’t describe how thankful I am for having this talk. She taught me to love myself, eat more, and not look at the scale. Just when I felt down, she brought me back up! I look forward to working with her and getting closer once I have myself organized and get a job. She even told me budget wasn’t a big thing for her, she just loved helping others. This shows her passion, and I would definitely recommend her for anyone out there needing guidance. She is truly AWESOME!

Amy Klein

I only worked with Rebekah for a very short time but during that time she was very attentive.  She is there for you whenever you need her, calling you right back and offering different ideas and solutions to the issue.  She is creative and will work with you to find methods and tweaks that will work for you to ENJOY food!  She stresses you have to ENJOY it or you won’t do it…so true! 

Jason Hayes

Just finished my first consultation with Rebekah.  It was worth every penny to say the least.  She's not only passionate and extremely knowledgeable about health and diet, but more importantly she's passionate about helping the individual.  She understands every person is different, not only physiologically, but also emotionally.  She'll work with YOU.  Ultimately our health is our own responsibility, but if there's ever a partner or coach who can help you turn your life around, it's Rebekah. This woman has done her homework and has experience, I'm very happy to have found her as a coach.  Highly recommended.  

Carolynn Coon

I cannot begin to describe how instrumental Rebekah has been for my healing. I don't know where I would be without her. She even helped me immensely the very first day of working with her. She told me something so simple but I had never thought of it before. She told me to eat some spoonfuls of raw beef suet. And almost immediately, I felt my burping and gerd go way down. Although, inevitably there was a lot of trial and error and nothing was linear, I can definitely say that many things have improved from working with her. My nose, chin, and forehead used to peel like crazy for no reason. They don't anymore and my face is smooth and glowing! I think if I didn't have Rebekah, my whole face would be peeling by now. The rest of my body is way less dry as well. She also helped me figure out what was causing my joint inflammation so that I could avoid it! It was only when I started asking tons of questions, telling her what I was doing, and listening intently that I started to receive healing. Knowledge is one thing but experience in my opinion is far more valuable and Rebekah has both. She is also great at giving pep talks!! She helped me to see and was able to work with my tendency to ruminate on things so that I did not get too frustrated when I was in a bad spot. Rebekah helped me to gain strength, mental resilience and independence. I am so thankful God put her in my life and am excited to continue working with her! Although the journey is not over, I look forward to experiencing more healing physically and emotionally.

Michael Citrenbaum

Rebekah is someone you can count on to help you find the best diet possible for whatever you are suffering with. She is quick to answer questions you might have about the ketogenic diet, food sensitivities, and what will work best for you as an individual. Before, I was eating grain-fed steak 3 times per day thinking that would be the answer for depression but Rebekah helped me find a better diet for my body and brain. I finished at a better place than before I had her as a health coach. She cares about your well being and is willing to work with you dilligently and without judgement.

Roy Z.

If you're looking for a coach and helper in health and diet then I believe Rebekah is the best person for you!! She has a powerful life story and testimony that alone speaks for itself. She's passionate about health and diet, open and honest!! I learned from her  and was encouraged,she gave me things to think about and consider!! And I see her as one who does not quite and give up but fights and battles!! That's who you want on your side!!!

Kalkidan Weldeamlak

Working with rebica has been life changing for me.i was very skeptical to start this diet my previous diet was horrible i can't believe im still a life. i have a big faith on God i pray to God to guide me if this is the right thing for me. I  watch one of rebica interview with jill samter i was very impress by her healing and her faith on God after i see her interview i want to talk with her and i did i spoke with her tell about my  symptoms and concern she help me to understand so many things i have leaky gut wich is serious problem it can  caused so many health problem also i have skin issue and very bad digestion and anxiety.  through her guidance and advice i am stated strict       carnivor  She has helped me to make the connection between healthy lifestyle.  my energy so improve my mental clarity is improve my digestion  never been like this i feel peace and happy  i don't know exactly some thing on this diet makes me to feel good .........i thank God to have clear mind......  she show me that she truly care she even pray for me i believe she will help a lots of peoples on thair health journey and thair faith God will use her  i would absolutely recommend Rebekah as a  health coach and guide to be a better health this girl is a whole package.

Aline Williams

Rebekah was a delight to work with. i was really struggling with sleep issues and felt really stuck in my weight loss. I scheduled a phone meeting with her and she provided me with some very helpful ideas and suggestions. Soon after taking the supplements my sleep really improved and I have been feeling better overall. Weight loss is a little stubborn, but I am going to keep working at it and I know Rebekah is here for me when I need a little push or additional nutritional information. A pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her. 

George Roa

Please know I believe everyword that follows to be true.
My testimonial. I have never had the pleasure of meeting anyone like Rebekah. The profound affect she has had on my health and overall wellbeing in the short time I have known her has been amazing. From the moment we first connected she was supportive and understanding. She worked diligently to understand me and my needs. She adapted her style in order to communicate and work with me in a way that I would best respond to. Rebekah came in person and literally held my hand as she walked through several stores with me teaching me how to read and understand labels. She taught me what eating keto was really all about and how to adapt it as a lifestyle choice in order to ensure success. Rebekah also cooked several meals for me and taught me how to make quick and easy meals to crush my cravings and stay on track. She recommended several key kitchen appliances i did not have that really changed the game for me. She is patient and caring. My busy schedule in real estate meant i missed some coaching calls or her various followup calls and she did not get upset. She always checked on me and provided me the accountability i needed that has whole heartedly been the number 1 reason i have lost 30 pounds in 2 months by just simply following her instructions. Thanks to her I feel confident when i read food labels, i know how to make the best choices when eating out, and i know how to replace my cravings with healthy alternatives. She helped me kick my coffee and energy drink addiction. She is wonderful and i look forward to continueing to work with her. If you are thinking of changing your life, your diet, the way you look, and how you feel, just call Rebekah.

Louis Steigerwald

Working with Rebekah took away the guesswork. Even though I had been doing my diet almost correctly for a long time, trying to figure out everything on my own was exhausting and frustrating. Getting some validation for the things I was doing right and corrections on potential problems or things I could do better was a huge relief, and got me pointed more precisely in the right direction a whole lot sooner than I would have been able to by myself.

Ingrid Villeda

First, I would like to excuse myself for my English, it is not my first language. For the last 20 years, I have been battling with debilitating symptoms that have taken me into a roller coaster of depression, loosing weight until having a BMI of 14, loosing my period for 7 years, basically loosing my life. I recovered my weight and overshot it, which is ok because my body kept every single calorie he could to survive. I’m writing this post here because I started carnivore back in January to heal my digestive issues. I had severe IBS, SIBo and who knows what else. It has caused my nails to fall because fungus invade them. Obviously my inmune system is not happy. I consulted with Paleomedicina and unfortunately it did not work for me, it actually made my health worse. For some reason my body can’t remove saturated fat from my blood and my tryglecerides went up, HDL went down and i developed many histamine Reactions. I was dropping weight fast and my hormones were worse. The amount of food that I was prescribed was very little, I would faint etc.
 I saw Rebekah Farmer 's post and she inspired me . I called her and she offered me help like an old friend or a good family member. She listened to me carefully and understood my challenges. She listened to my fears because by then I was afraid of making my lipid panel worse. I told her I wanted to continue pursuing the carnivore diet but I needed to change my fats. I need to heal some how, I can’t be dogmatic. She immediately gave me options, she was so open minded, she was so kind. I started working with her on a daily basis, I ate loads of fat, I do have to say I had to use coconut oil and duck fat to help my tryglecerides, my gut issues have not resolved but with the help of this wonderful women, I  now have my first period after seven years of not having it. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her support and all her prayers, for her patience and perseverance. I have ways to go and I’m trying to stay positive and grateful for the small victories. 

-Victoria Nance

Rebekah started helping me right when I needed it the most. She inspired me with her own health journey and listened to my health issues intently and without judgement. She came up with a tailored plan to help me get off prescription medications, fix my blood sugar, and balance my hormones.  

She is one of the most honest and caring humans I have ever spoken with, and she truly cares about the people she works with. She spent as much time with me as I needed and she was able to answer every question and address every issue that I had. Rebekah is the only coach I have ever worked with who understood the complicated issues that I have that even doctors couldn’t address. She has been immensely helpful in my life for my physical and emotional wellbeing during a difficult time in my health journey. I will be forever grateful for the help she has given me and will continue to work with her as I progress.

-Victoria Nance

Kimberly Miller 

I am very grateful for the work that Rebekah has done with me. I have struggled with multipleautoimmune issues, some of which are similar to herself. I had already started a carnivore-ishdiet and experienced significant healing but was struggling with some carb addictions, peoplepleasing, and lingering autoimmune issues. She helped me to fine tune to diet to work for meand work through some of the mental issues surrounding food. Changing up the diet to removesome problem foods calmed down the interstitial cystitis I was experiencing so that I can use therestroom pain free and no longer require daily supplements. Increasing fat helped to get rid ofthe more frequent periods as well as fixing the energy drops I would get towards the middle/endof the day. As time has gone on, my hair is less dry and I’m losing less of it; I have enoughenergy to exercise again and my periods are less painful. I also feel better prepared to makeadjustments for myself as needed with the knowledge that Rebekah has given me. It is always apleasure talking to her and she makes it so easy to be honest about how you’re feeling andwhat your issues are. I am so glad I have found her coaching and it is great knowing that youhave someone like her as a resource and that she goes above and beyond to help you and pray for you.

Dianna Wilton

 Rebekah has helped me understand how to apply the carnivore diet to my autoimmune disease. 

      She has a vast knowledge to a high fat healing approach.  She cares very deeply for her clients! She is an amazing lady!

Dave and Heidi Coon

Rebekah is a wealth of knowledge.  When two of our young adult aged children were diagnosed with celiac disease, the gluten free diet did not improve their many autoimmune symptoms. We visited many doctors and none were able to understand the symptoms or offer any solutions other than drugs. It was a breath of fresh air when we finally discovered Rebekah.  Her advice led the way to vastly improved symptoms and healing.  Rebekah is extremely knowledgeable about health issues because she has experienced many autoimmune diseases herself and overcome them.  Her knowledge and availability were incredible and made a world of difference for our children.  Rebekah took the time to listen to the kids talk about their symptoms, explain why the symptoms were happening and give dietary advice to help alleviate the symptoms.  Her dietary advice was not complicated to follow but had a profound health impact.   We really appreciate what Rebekah has done to help our kids and would recommend her to anyone struggling with autoimmune issues. 

Dara Milosevic

Thank you so much for your support and guidance over the last three months. Even though I had been Carnivore for 18 months, I still wasn’t getting it right and felt like I was going around in circles and not really getting anywhere with my health issues You helped me understand what my body really needed and helped me put it all together. I know have a new lease on life and am loving the extra energy I have.
You truly are a beautiful caring soul.


Ingrid I.

Dear Rebekah,

Life is quite a journey and the path to healing is different to every human being. I thought I had figure out the best way to heal but I am still learning and letting go what is not useful including my beliefs. I would like to thank you forever for your support, for your kindness, for your perpetual availability and mostly for being open minded. I believe that the hurdles that you had to overcome made you wise, understanding and the best healer that one can find. You don’t have recipes, structured plans or quantities established for people to follow. You listen carefully and suggest and pray. You do not assume that whatever worked for you will work for others. You treat each of us as a unique individual, as the best creation of God and therefore you respect every single challenge that we have. Thank you Rebekah for not abandoning me like many medical doctors have done. Thank you for being my healer, a pillar where I can rest my pain and my coach.

With much love,


Stephanie Light

I was really struggling with many health issues when I found Rebekah. She helped me tremendously to understand some key concepts about nutrition and also the body. She taught me how to track my blood sugar levels regularly and also how to find my optimal fat to protein ratio. I am incredibly thankful for her support. Today I am feeling better and know now that I have tools to keep my health moving in the right direction. Thank you! 

Kate Kirby

The universe was doing me a solid when I came across a social media post of Rebekah Farmer’s. Having stellar past success with the Carnivore lifestyle but stumbling onto a frustrating plateau, connecting with Ms. Farmer is exactly what I needed. She shared and explained vital information I had never heard before and helped me to fine tune some other self proven, favorable things. If you’re stuck, if you’ve heard about this “crazy meat diet” or are even just a little bit curious at the immense positive change you can make for yourself and your health, place your trust with Rebekah. She’s truly a gem!

Jen Mendell

I found Rebekah through the wonder of social media and others who had worked with her before had such nice things to say so I thought I’d give it a shot. 
Her story really spoke to me and from the first time we spoke, her kindness radiates. 
I have been on a healthy eating and lifestyle journey for the past six years, but wasn’t where I wanted to be yet. I had never tried keto or carnivore before and really felt I needed some guidance, support and encouragement from someone who is an expert in that space.
In my time working with Rebekah, I found her to be not only compassionate and truly having an amazing heart for helping others, but she was also a great  educator and very knowledgeable!  
Each week based on what was going on with me, she would make tailored recommendations to move me forward in my journey. 
I found her suggestions to be incite full and she really helped me with certain aspects of my diet that I had struggled with. She always had ideas for healthier alternatives and thinking outside of the box, which I really liked. 
One of the things I liked best was that I could reach out to her for support in between our weekly calls. This was great because I never felt alone in the process. She truly wants to help and is happy to do so, throughout the week, not only 1 hour a week like most coaches. 
I highly recommend working with Rebekah!

Ericka Verret

Rebekah is so wonderfully relatable! She really breaks things down for you in a way we can all easily understand. It’s like getting advice from an old friend. Thanks for taking the time to help me navigate my up’s & downs w/ exercise, and getting down to the nitty gritty of how or why I might be retaining water. She helped me filter through certain setbacks I was having goal wise, while keeping me motivated at the same time! Thanks so much!

Abigail Gripshover

Rebekah was a great coach! She was quick to respond to all of my text messages, even when there were a lot of them in the first couple of weeks that hit hardest. She has so many knowledgeable ideas for troubleshooting as you go.  She helped me break a sugar addiction cold turkey, and thanks to her helping me do the diet I have discovered the root of some of my issues as well. I would definitely recommend working with her for troubleshooting the ways diet may be affecting your health problems!

Alexis Moyer-Danenhower

When I started being coached by Rebekah, I had already been doing a meat based diet for 2 years. But I did not have the knowledge it took to adjust it to my needs. I was having severe anxiety, mood, sleep, and digestive issues, and hormonal headaches. She helped me to understand that we are all bio individual, and helped me tweak my diet for my needs. Since working with her my cycle has regulated, my mood is more stable, my skin is glowing, my anxiety has greatly improved, and I am sleeping much better! It was such a pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable and compassionate, and I'm already recommending her to my friends and family.

Elizabeth Miner

I had a consultation with Rebekah as I’ve been struggling with health issues for quite some time.  As someone that considers herself very well versed in the health industry as well as keto, I was  extremely impressed with Rebekah’s knowledge and insights.  She has a great way of explaining what changes happen in the body when we change our way of eating.  I learned a lot of valuable information that inspired me to make the changes that I’ve needed to for far too long.  I know that if any hurdles come my way she will be there to guide me.  She is very personable and sweet!  

Christina Barron

I am 47 years old and have suffered from hormonal problems and many autoimmune like issues for several years. I also have severe allergies and hypothyroidism. I've been to several traditional doctors and functional doctors, and I've worked with different health coaches over the 15 years just to be left with nothing but empty pockets and frustration. I have spent hundreds of dollars on supplements as well. Nothing helped. I ended up with more issues. I have experimented with every diet you can think of in search of health. I found the most success with keto and fasting. I lived that lifestyle for two years and eventually transitioned to carnivore for 14 months to squash any lingering health problems. While I had success on my own, I felt I was at the point where I was regressing. I was getting constant hives and having cycle issues. I was feeling incredibly lost and fearful because of my symptoms.  I came across Rebekah's story on a podcast and found so many similarities between us. I honestly thought that she could help me get to a healthy place again. I'm happy I decided to work with her. Rebekah has been God sent.  She coached me for six months and through many complicated situations. She remained steadfast. She never gave up on me, even when I felt like I had no hope of being well again. Rebekah offered me clear recommendations, and she always listened to how I felt. Rebekah has been a massive part of my support system.  While I'm still on my healing journey, several issues have been resolved for me.  I have been able to lower my thyroid medication, improve my sleep and stress levels, regulate my cycle, expand my diet without an allergic reaction, and improve my body composition tremendously. She also guided me through fasting appropriately for my situation. Most importantly, she helped me lose my fear and find my faith again. I'm no longer living with a fear-based mentality. I now have the tools along with every bit of confidence, knowing that I'm on the right track to continue healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rebekah! 

Carol Hanshew

I enjoyed working with Rebekah so much! She is full of knowledge and wisdom. She helped me understand my optimal fat to protein ratio which resulted in increased energy and much better sleep, She has such a big heart for helping others. Her sincerity and compassion are evident in everything she does. Not only did she help me optimize my carnivore diet, but she also helped me believe in myself and have self-confidence. I'm very happy to have found her and cannot recommend her enough!  

Andy Cook

I contacted Rebekah in order to work thru a plateau I’d experienced in my carnivore journey. I found her to be both knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. She takes the time to listen to you and is quick to follow up with the any questions that arise after your session. I highly recommend her whether you are just starting to diagnose how to become healthier, or if you have been, like me, on your journey for quite some time and are looking to fine-tune some things.

Tami Anderson

I met with Rebekah for a consolation then a 1 hour appointment. I could immediately feel her loving and caring spirit over the phone. I know she is doing her work as a health coach because she has a desire to help others heal and not just for a job. Rebekah asked me if it was ok to say a prayer at the beginning of our call (which is the best way to start anything) or course I said yes. When she started her simple, heartfelt prayer I immediately felt the power and presence of God. 
I have gone to many health practitioners over the last 20 years with no real help, but lots of supplements and cost. Rebekah gave me a structured natural plan and starting point that didn’t include something she could sell me to make money. She suggested different food items for my specific issues and the manufacturer that she has tested and uses. All were spot on for quality and taste. 
Rebekah also sent me a beautiful thank you letter and Devotion book that I can’t wait to read.
Thank you Rebekah for being the beautiful you that you are!


Rebekah has been a godsend for me.  She is such a wealth of knowledge and experience and it felt so good to be understood.  I've been dealing with chronic digestive issues for 7 years and have recently been dealing with candida, insomnia, high stress and lots of digestive distress.  I decided to give carnivore a try and was frustrated that it wasn't working for my body when I'd read so many other success stories.  She helped me customize the diet to better fit my body's needs and had plenty of tips for diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.  I was able to improve my symptoms and move towards healing within just a few weeks. She is very calm and patient, remembering that healing is a process.  The ability to connect on a spiritual level was so encouraging as well.  I feel like I understand my body much better and am able to have more compassion, wisdom and grace for myself on this healing journey.  

Polina S.

I am so grateful to have found Rebekah.I've been suffering from many autoimmune, CNS and digestive issues for more than 10 years. My decision to give carnivore diet a try was made simply because I had no other options. Shortly after that I found her and immediately felt she might be a person who would understand my struggles and help me to troubleshoot them. Even though we had only one session together, by following her tips and recommendations I was able to improve some symptoms within a few days. Rebekah is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from our consultation. She reminded me about the powerof vocal acknowledgement and how important it is to work with my mental health as well in order to change my life for the better. It felt so good to finally talk to somebody who understands what you are going through daily. I know that my healing journey will take time. It is a long process, one step at a time, but now, with the help of this wonderful person, I have plan to stick to and would absolutely love to work with her along the way. 

Alexandria Rossi

I created an Instagram account on a random summer day in 2020 to find support after being diagnosed with narcolepsy - a neurological condition that often makes someone extremely exhausted. It's debilitating to say the least. Minutes after getting my account, I found Rebekah's page after searching for #narcolepsy. She also supported the ketogenic diet, something I'd found some success with in the past in my binge eating recovery. I also suffer from clonazepam withdrawals, something Rebekah had toiled with, too. I'd never met anyone who had struggled with narcolepsy and benzo withdrawals - and also ate like me. And seeing how Rebekah used food and her faith to heal herself from countless autoimmune diseases, I wanted to work with her.
       And now I have a friend for life. She counseled me for three months and was the best nutritionist I have ever had. And I've had quite a few nutritionists and dietitians after battling several eating disorders - namely binge eating (food addiction, honestly). 
I sought to lose 25 pounds in three months. I didn't lose the weight - I lost some! - but I lost what was more important. I lost less focus on other people, meaning I cut down self-comparisons big time.  I lost some of my grip on my expected timeline for reaching my goals. I didn't lose this all by myself. It's because God put Rebekah on my path, and Rebekah graciously rose to the challenge of helping me whenever I needed help.
I loved how Rebekah didn't push a diet on me. She is all about what works best for a person, and that may need to be discovered through trying different things. She believed my story and why I had the various food hang-ups I had due to major obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and PTSD. She encouraged me when I was used to beating myself up. Basically, she taught me to be my own best friend.
Rebekah helped me conquer the biggest obstacle: my fear of losing weight. I'd been ridiculed in the past for losing weight. She helped me understand that God wants me to live a vibrant life.        Rebekah helped me to understand that a challenge - even suffering, yes - can be beautiful, if we choose our mindset. For me, suffering was not giving into OCD patterns or to criticism from others about how I eat. I also have PCOS and endometriosis and cannot "eat normally," in the Standard American diet-sense. Not everyone welcomes a carb-less plate.
Lastly, money doesn't have to be a barrier for better health. Rebekah will work with you regarding an extremely reasonable payment plan as she has for me. Rebekah does this work because she truly loves to serve others.
I hardly write testimonials for stuff. But I want others to be blessed with the experience and growth I have had.  
Wouldn't you want a nutritionist and coach who helps you lose - and gain - what you truly need?

Update from Polina S.

I woud really like to share all the improvements that I've experienced so far.
I was diagnosed with clinical depression and panic\anxiety attacks 7 years ago. I had this horrible attacks 24/7, and I am not joking. For some people they might last for hours, but my nervous systems was completely shut down. I couldn't sleep, eat and move. Antidepressants helped to ease the simptoms, but I still would wake up every morning with my arms shaking. It took me hours to open my eyes, because I was so afraid to go through that hell every morning again, and again, and again. Now, for the first time, I wake up at 9 am (not at 12 or 1 pm) with no signs of panic attacks and feel the energy to get up from the bed and start a new day.

1.5 years ago I was bedbounded with excruciating pain all over my body (including face and jaw muscles). I did a lot to reduce this pain on my own, but the pain wouldn't go away completely. Especially my legs hurt, so it was very painful to walk, not to mention how I missed dancing to my favorite music. Yesterday I was dancing in the kitchen for the first time. Pain is still present, it is not a quick process, but it's slowly, gradually going away.
I notice that I am becoming physically capable of doing more things (after years of weakness).
Based on my arm tracker, I haven't had a deep sleep phase for almost 2 years. It was either 15-20 min or nothing at all. I was constantly tired and didn't recover properly through the night. I had severe insomnia for years and sometimes would lie in bed eyes opened till morning. Now I finally have my decent 1 hour 24 minutes of deep sleep phase and I FEEL that I sleep well, even though I am still adapting.

I also had skin issues, not severe, but it was constantly inflamed and it usually took a lot of time to cover my face with concealer before going out with family and friends. I do not use it any more.

A few days ago I did my blood test and noticed that my lymphocytes went down.
I had chronic inflammation (high lymphocytes\low neutrophils) for years. Extremely weak immune system, herpes flare ups once or twice per month. Lymphocytes would go up to 47-52% (with normal range from 19 to 37%) and neutrophils were ~ 38% (normal range from 45 to 70). Now my lymphocytes are 43% and neutrophils are 44. There is definitely an improvement!
Erythrocytes and hematocrit came back to normal. No more red marks and, exept for lymphocytes and neutrophils, my blood test is excellent.

Actually, I was surprised how comfortably my period started this month. For many years I had horrible premenstrual syndrome. First few days were so painful and difficult I would lie in bed for hours, taking painkillers. If I hadn't known when to expect my period, I wouldn't have ever believe that I was going through premenstrual phase almost symptoms free.

Allergic reactions - gone.
Skin allergies - gone.
Depression is gradually disappearing, as if a huge black cloud over my head is melting away.
My arms and legs are no longer cold like ice.
Noticed improvement in my vision.
Fingernails became stronger and I no longer lose significant amount of hair when I brush them (thought I would become bald one day hah).

I am officially a month into carnivore after my consultation with Rebekah.
There is a lot of work to do and a huge healing journey ahead of me. But now I know that there is something worth fighting for. And really want others to believe there is always hope. Even if it feels like you've lost it so many times along the way.

Jennifer Geissert - Mid Vacation Update

I’m feeling so great, I just wanted to share!
My skin continues to heal.  I’m excited to wake up every morning and notice the subtle improvements.
But I’ve noticed some even more powerful changes on this vacation.  In the past, I’ve struggled so much with binge eating.  I’ve never been on a vacation (especially one with free food and drinks everywhere) and not come home having gained at least 10 pounds and a ton on inflammation.  
This time, I feel like freaking Wonder Woman.  I feel confident and proud of my body even when walking around in a bikini.  I haven’t weighed myself, but my body is not fluctuating or getting more and more bloated or puffy as each day passes.
I realize some might find this revelation a little superficial, but it’s a very serious topic for me.  In the past I would gain a bunch of weight, as I mentioned, but the really troublesome weight was mental.  I would feel fairly good about myself on the first day of vacation and become progressively more miserable as each vacation day passed.  I ended up feeling completely out of control around food, like a failure, like I wanted to hide my body, and embarrassed when I returned home and didn’t fit into my clothes anymore.  That mental weight was very heavy and probably bordering on mild depression.  Even worse, it took weeks or months to get back on track after returning home.  It was a never ending cycle.  
I honestly don’t feel like I’ve even had to employ much discipline on this vacation in order to stick to my carnivore diet.  There are yummy looking sweets and drinks everywhere, but that magnetic pull doesn’t seem to be there anymore.  I think there are 2 reasons why.  1.). I feel so good about my body, and for the first time ever, that feeling isn’t accompanied by a fear of losing all my progress and feeling like a failure.2.). I’m not experiencing insatiable cravings.  I guess when you fuel your body with nutrient dense foods, like fat and protein, it doesn’t desire all the carbs and chemicals and dopamine increasing sugars.
I theory, I knew those things to be true before.  But I never experienced them myself.  Now I get it!
My typical diet here had been steaks, salmon (sometimes cooked, sometimes raw), shrimp, and my favorite:  the meat from ribeye tacos.  It’s so fatty and delicious!  If hungry, I supplement with beef jerky and beef sticks that I brought from home. And I’ve been drinking plain water or soda water with a lime.  The soda water keeps me from feeling “left out” when others are enjoying all the free drinks. 
It’s amazing how this “restricted” diet has allowed me to feel more FREE than ever during my vacation.  I’m so proud of myself, so excited about what’s to come, and so happy to share it with you. 


Hi, my name is Karina and I would like to give a big thank you to Rebekah and taking her time to talk to me over the phone. I was the winner for the free consult and it really made my day!Just from that alone, taking her free time to help another person...speaks volumes of Rebekah’s personality. Her knowledge blew me away and she gave me really valuable information. She’s so inspirational and truly passionate about helping others in their health journey as she knows the pain and struggle of being sick. Thank you again Rebekah for taking the time to speak with me. Xoxo

Adam, Bianca, & Orion

We had the pleasure of working with Rebekah in council for our 6 year old son, who was to the point of not being able to eat anything without it making him sick.   We have been dealing with this for three years, and have tried various avenues to achieve health--seeking out leading professionals in functional medicine and spending a lot of money with no answers or results.    
Rebekah's experience, kindness, and ability to give answers and support was just what we needed. We were in a fearful place, which anyone with a child who is not well, can understand. Talking with Rebekah allowed us to have confidence to take the next steps. She gave us insight on important things that we were missing which were the underlying causes of his ill health. She gave us a clear path to start on and was able to answer all of our questions.
The most valuable aspect of this relationship was receiving the much needed support from someone who feels like a friend. Rebekah is non judgemental, knowledgeable, and has had the experience through her own personal journey to help you find your own path.
If you are looking for a health coach that: Empowers you to discover your own wisdom and strength. Helps you create solutions to problems. Supports you without judgment, and holds you accountable to your goals, then we highly recommend Rebekah Farmer.Rebekah wants to help you succeed in health and happiness. She is a true gem. 
Thank you Rebekah!

Bianca Viza

I had a 1 hour consultation with Rebekah, and went into it expecting some guidance around carnivore. By the end of our call I was inspired and empowered to be healed. Rebekah spoke life into me and my situation. After feeling defeated and hopeless for so long, I now have hope that I can and will be healed. I look forward to working with Rebekah further. 

Ann Marie Richardson

My favorite part of working with Rebekah is that she really took the time to personalize a plan for me.  She really listened to my concerns and tailored a program just for me.  She’s such a kind and positive person, a pure joy to work with.  I highly recommend working with Rebekah!  She’s amazing. 

Laila Guled

Finding Rebekah was a happy accident and I appreciate her assistance. I have been struggling for years with chronic pain and various autoimmune disorders and decided to give the carnivore diet a chance as a last resort. The problem was, every video and article I found on this diet were about losing or maintaining weight and none of it applied to me. I am severely underweight and desperately need to put on mass but this diet scared me. I started it anyways and after a week, I was just getting worse and couldn’t eat much but after almost giving up, I watched one more video on YouTube and saw Rebekah’s before and after pictures. I knew I had to contact her and get some answers. After an hour session with Rebekah, I was back on track and I found that her suggestions were extremely helpful! She responds quick and actually cares about you as a person. 

Rosi Price

Testimonial from RosiI so enjoyed my appointments with Rebekah. She has extensive knowledge and is able to quickly assess and understand your situation and needs. She is truly blessed with gifts and is able to share her knowledge with empathy and kindness. She was always there if I had questions after our sessions had finished and responded to emails very quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. I feel that I have made a friend.

Hannah Marks

 In the summer of 2020 my adrenals gave out on me due to being under medicated for hypothyroidism for 18 years. I was blessed to discover a dr who helped me through the process and introduced me to carnivore. However, 6 months in I was experiencing some other symptoms, so I decided to add some carbs back into my diet. Yes it helped but not enough. That is when I reached out to Rebekah.
Rebekah listened and gave me some ideas of what to do. One of the things she suggested was to take out the carbs and add in more fat. Within a couple of days those symptoms had disappeared! I was amazed that those little tweaks she suggested worked! I am grateful for Rebekahs wisdom but more so how she listens to the Lord and prays over every client! 
I am also grateful for her carnivore brownies that help when I’m having an afternoon sweet attack! Rebekah is a gift and a true example of 2 Corinthians 1:4. She has turned her trials into ministry to help others! 





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