Overcoming chronic pain, severe autoimmune disorders, mood disorders, chronic Lyme, chronic CDiff...

Hello! My name is Rebekah Farmer. I've always had a passion for health, nature, Fitness, and holistic nutrition / medicine. 

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 6th grade. In seventh grade, I ran into chronic pain. I was rushed to the emergency room with severe chest pains, and left with a diagnosis of costochondritis and degenerative disc. I was then diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, Narcolepsy, and a myriad of digestive issues such as gastroparesis, IBS, IBD, slow transit colon, Celiac and diverticulitis. I started regular Chiropractic treatments to address scoliosis and chronic pain. I went through multiple rounds of physical therapy, but symptoms continued to worsen. Shortly after graduating high school, I ran into chronic adrenal fatigue, crippling anxiety and pain so bad that I was bed bound. I had difficulty breathing, with frequent episodes of near- suffocation.

Desperate and afraid, I knew that I needed to dig deeper. I ventured to uncover the root of my issues, working with multiple functional medicine doctors, and embarked on a more strict/ personalized version of the ketogenic diet. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, ulcerative colitis, Addisons, Hashimotos hypothyroid, CREST scleroderma, and a central nervous system disorder called Central Sensitization Syndrome (see youtube video by Dr. Sletten of Mayo Clinic). With Keto, various supplements, and support I was able to get off of Adderal, Clonazepam, and Ambien after being dependent on them for 13 years. I gained energy and focus, and reversed Hashimotos! My cystic acne also cleared completely. I was only just beginning to break free from the cage that I became burrowed into after years of quick "fixes" and excessive rounds of antibiotics ordered by traditional med doctors. I have continued to strip off the band-aids to uncover the sources and contributors to systemic disease that almost took my life, and more importantly my hope and joy.

After losing a severe amount of weight, I was diagnosed with chronic chlostridium difficule (C-Diff). I am resistant to all of the antibiotics, and have now had 3 fecal transplants. I was told that I should consider removing my colon, and that I needed a feeding tube. I refused and instead decided to commit to the one thing that I avoided trying for so long... Nothing brought relief or nourishment back into my body until I started the carnivore way of eating.

I have gained back 30 healthy pounds of mostly muscle, and have overcome almost all of my autoimmune issues. I have broken up deep layers of scar tissue that was taking over my body and limiting mobility; now there is new, strong, healthy muscle. My mood has never been more stable, and I am mentally resilient. No more swollen ankles or strange skin rashes/ hives. My energy is steady and dependable, and I'm sleeping the best I have in my entire life. I have gained so much freedom in this journey thus far and I am passionate and thrilled to help others overcome their battles, and reach their goals -beyond expectation!

I truly believe that there is no one diet that fits all. Each of us are bio-individual and should be treated as such. We are always changing, and I believe that it is important to delegate and honor our bodies with constant care and understanding. I believe that environment and lifestyle play a huge role in Health and Wellness, along with many other factors.

I believe that it is important to appreciate the journey, and make it enjoyable! This is the key to success. We are called to live life abundantly!

I am full of gratitude and excitement for what is ahead of me, and am loving the endless pursuit of optimizing Health and Wellness - mind, body, and spirit. 

 I have over 15 years of experience with a Paleo and Ketogenic lifestyles (2 years Carnivore), extensive knowledge on supplements and biohacking, and am currently broadening my knowledge and improving skills within the pursuit of certifications through the Health Coach Institute. I am passionate about people, cooking, holistic nutrition, functional medicine, music, regenerative agriculture, freedom, and my Faith. I am truly so grateful for what God has brought me through, and can't wait to help you on your own journey!

I invite you to follow along, stay connected and find me over on Instagram at >> tailoredketohealth .

Carnivore Cast convo with juicy details: https://www.carnivorecast.com/podcast/rebekah

Healing, Faith and Fecal Transplants on the Fit For The Kingdom podcast: https://www.trentholbertfitness.com/podcast/episode/3cdf9553/ep-102-healing-with-god-and-diet-withrebekah-farmer

Watch my testimonial with MeatRx here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JIpt5c38fQ&t=135s

Listen to my story on the AdapNation Podcast: https://adapnation.io/121-rebekah-farmer-carnivore/

Sharing testimony on the Jill Samter Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/tGCsK_E8g4E



Individualized Health & Wellness Coaching

There are a wide variety of coaching options so to work with your needs, goals and schedule in an ideal manner.

A free consultation is now offered to everyone! This is a $100 value and completely complimentary.

I offer 1-on-1 coaching via phone, Skype, email, or in person. Whether it be a single phone consult, 1 month, six months, or a full year - I will walk alongside you, providing consistent support and guidance. Extended sessions will include unlimites access to the private Tier 3 Support Group, we we share tips, favorite customized recipes, progress, hurdles, etc. 

For locals, I also offer cooking demos, grocery store hauls/pantry revamps! 

Based on my 15+ years of intensive experience, we will address your health goals and I will create a tailored plan to ensure your success. I will provide and maintain a detailed and clear plan for you to apply day to day, and provide the guidance and support needed to make tweaks along the way, in order to optimize results and guarantee success.

 I love to help those who wish to be helped, and I will never give up on those who choose not to give up on themselves! We are in this together ♡. 

It is my joy to help you discover your light. I strive to equip you with the tools, understanding and support necessary to let it shine again, brighter than ever!

Personalized Services include:

• Holistic assessment and planning

• Grocery store outings

• 1:1 coaching - on planned calls, online, or on site

• Holistic medicine - suggestions and resources

• Optimized approach for your unique goals

• Health goals and care plans

• Exercise and fitness tips/planning/strategies

• Custom supplement regime

• Personalized meal plans & recipes

• Nutritional analysis

• Understand, identify and address physical and emotional concerns

• Full guidance and support

Simply get in touch to schedule your first session! Feel free to reach out with your questions or concerns as well. 

Email at rcfarmer18@gmail.com

Direct message through facebook or instagram at tailoredketohealth

Or contact directly from the "Contact me/ Get in Touch" section, below. 


“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

-Thomas Edison



I can’t say enough good things about this girl! She has helped me through so many hurdles and she continues to do so. I have struggled on and off with an eating disorder for over 9 years. Rebekah not only helped me find food freedom, but she taught me to nourish my body and use food for fuel. She empathizes with you, but she also finds a solution. She will never leave you to fend for yourself. I love Rebekah and couldn’t be more grateful for the life she has opened up for me with her support. If you’re scared, searching for an answer with your weight issues, and don’t know where to turn to, Rebekah can help. She not only cares about helping you find a healthy relationship with food but she cares and addresses your emotional and spiritual needs, too. She is the best and I couldn’t recommend someone more than this sweet lady!

Alyssa Vercler

I wholeheartedly endorse Rebekah Farmer and her Keto diet Coaching program! Rebekah has provided me with invaluable insights into eating healthier. I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, with Rebekah’s advice and coaching I have lost 15 pounds in 60 days with NO EXERCISE. Literally, no exercise! I’m not joking, I’ve tried every diet fad under the sun and none have worked for me. I went vegan/ vegetarian and my triglycerides skyrocketed. I’ve had high cholesterol my whole life and have just been FAT. I was 210 pounds on August 1, 2018 and felt terrible. I knew something had to change. I went cold turkey off carbohydrates. I trusted Rebekah’s guidance and listened to her words of encouragement and inspiration. She has lived the Keto diet for most of her adult life. If you truly desire REAL change, you’re committed, and you want to LIVE a LONGER, HEALTHIER LIFE, trust Rebekah!

David Clarke

Rebekah was super helpful to me when I had questions regarding sleeping and my thyroid on the carnivore lifestyle. She’s very knowledgeable and thoughtful and went far beyond what I would have expected to give me all the tips and advice to help me succeed on the carnivore diet. Her story was so  inspiring to me and I found her to be very enthusiastic and  extremely supportive with all her knowledge. 

Jaynie Dylan

Rebekah has truly saved me from what I was becoming. For about a year I did great with counting calories and maintaining my macronutrient counts everyday and lost 70 pounds on my own. In April 2019, I took on a full time job and no longer had the time to meal prep and count my calories everyday and I was extremely stressed. I began binge eating every single day, lost my drive in the gym, and struggled worse than I ever had with my mental health. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was 12 years old. I started working with Rebekah on January 15, 2020 and my life has changed dramatically. I’m living a life that I’ve never experienced before. I feel free from my addiction to food, my mental health is the best it has been in years and I feel as though I’m finally able to appreciate things in my life that I wasn’t able to before. She taught me how to cook foods so that my options weren’t limited, went shopping with me, and showed me that I can eat without counting calories and still be successful. She also taught me about how Ketosis works so I would further understand why it isn’t necessary to track. I am no longer miserable and trapped within myself. I have energy to get through each day, I am able to focus on the tasks I am working on, and I finally feel like I’m starting to get my life under control at 20 years old. I chose not to take care of myself for years and this is the first time I have invested in myself in a long time and I never knew how dramatic the difference could be. Not only am I grateful for this journey and Rebekah, but my friends, family, and boyfriend are as well. They have all seen me at my worst and now they are seeing me on my way to being my best. I can’t wait to see how much more I can improve. Not to mention that I’ve already lost roughly 18 lbs since my last doctors appointment on December 28, 2019. These are massive accomplishments for me and I’ll forever be grateful for what Rebekah has done for me.   

Abbey Jackson

This is me, Giulia Bertola!I was a very energetic girl, I played sports, always busy and I ate everything!at some point in my life I felt that something was wrong with my body, I was not well, always tired, as soon as I ate I was sick, panic attacks, pains all over my body.after many visits and doctors I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but things have worsened since then, after work stress and two pregnancies the situation has become more and more serious!I went from 80 kg to 49 kg, the pains focused on the digestive system and I could no longer eat anything.alone I did a lot of research on nutrition because I just wanted to live! many types of food were recommended to me by non-competent people, they told me to do the Macrobiotic diet, and my situation degenerated, I was dying eating!I never gave up and I started looking for a breakdown in nutrition!I started the paleo diet, but it wasn't enough, I was still sick.I have not given up I have searched again, studies, searches in English, I have translated many texts, I have been informed, and thanks to instagram I have met the carnivorous diet!I start this diet and one evening I find myself reading the story of Rebekah, it seemed my story, so thin, but with a great strength to live!then I decide to write to her and she replies immediately.from the beginning she gave me many tips with a written text, so I could translate more easily!this is the way to heal my intestine!with her advice I started eating fats and proteins, to stabilize the levels of hypoglycaemia and my thinness.eat in an 8 hour window and 16 hour fast.cut pork meat and eat organ meat, including liver!decrease stress, cold showers, saunas ... she has always been close to me and has answered all my doubts.she gave me many tips on what to eat and how to cook fatty cuts.she recommended an integration to improve my intestinal problem and to get real salt and food!the bone broth she recommended is helping me a lot.it was really helpful to me, now it's up to me to practice yoga and meditation, relaxing muscle.thanks to her help, so much faith and hope in my recovery has come back, that God help us!I know that my healing process will still be long, but I really think this is the right way, after seeing some improvements on my body.let's eat real food!after fibromyalgia I was diagnosed with scleroderma, so the entire digestive system hit me and I am fighting to heal my intestines after years of intoxication!

Giulia Bertola

I would like to say a huge Thankyou to Rebekah for aiding me on my carnivore journey. Thanks to her experience and knowledge she was able to tell me where I was going wrong and get me on the right track. 
AbbiLondon England


Rebekah is a driven, passionate change agent knowledgeable in keto, carnivore and Paleo diets. She has an inspirational health journey that is sure to connect with so many needing her help.

Shawn Wells

I can’t say enough good words about Rebeka. This morning I felt so depressed, discouraged, and hated myself for being 151 on the scale. It was the perfect timing when she called me. We had an over the phone consultation where I learned many misconceptions and conjectures that I had. She has cleared up so many things that words can’t describe how thankful I am for having this talk. She taught me to love myself, eat more, and not look at the scale. Just when I felt down, she brought me back up! I look forward to working with her and getting closer once I have myself organized and get a job. She even told me budget wasn’t a big thing for her, she just loved helping others. This shows her passion, and I would definitely recommend her for anyone out there needing guidance. She is truly AWESOME!


I only worked with Rebekah for a very short time but during that time she was very attentive.  She is there for you whenever you need her, calling you right back and offering different ideas and solutions to the issue.  She is creative and will work with you to find methods and tweaks that will work for you to ENJOY food!  She stresses you have to ENJOY it or you won’t do it…so true! 

Amy Klein

Just finished my first consultation with Rebekah.  It was worth every penny to say the least.  She's not only passionate and extremely knowledgeable about health and diet, but more importantly she's passionate about helping the individual.  She understands every person is different, not only physiologically, but also emotionally.  She'll work with YOU.  Ultimately our health is our own responsibility, but if there's ever a partner or coach who can help you turn your life around, it's Rebekah. This woman has done her homework and has experience, I'm very happy to have found her as a coach.  Highly recommended.  

Jason Hayes

I cannot begin to describe how instrumental Rebekah has been for my healing. I don't know where I would be without her. She even helped me immensely the very first day of working with her. She told me something so simple but I had never thought of it before. She told me to eat some spoonfuls of raw beef suet. And almost immediately, I felt my burping and gerd go way down. Although, inevitably there was a lot of trial and error and nothing was linear, I can definitely say that many things have improved from working with her. My nose, chin, and forehead used to peel like crazy for no reason. They don't anymore and my face is smooth and glowing! I think if I didn't have Rebekah, my whole face would be peeling by now. The rest of my body is way less dry as well. She also helped me figure out what was causing my joint inflammation so that I could avoid it! It was only when I started asking tons of questions, telling her what I was doing, and listening intently that I started to receive healing. Knowledge is one thing but experience in my opinion is far more valuable and Rebekah has both. She is also great at giving pep talks!! She helped me to see and was able to work with my tendency to ruminate on things so that I did not get too frustrated when I was in a bad spot. Rebekah helped me to gain strength, mental resilience and independence. I am so thankful God put her in my life and am excited to continue working with her! Although the journey is not over, I look forward to experiencing more healing physically and emotionally.

Carolynn Coon

Rebekah is someone you can count on to help you find the best diet possible for whatever you are suffering with. She is quick to answer questions you might have about the ketogenic diet, food sensitivities, and what will work best for you as an individual. Before, I was eating grain-fed steak 3 times per day thinking that would be the answer for depression but Rebekah helped me find a better diet for my body and brain. I finished at a better place than before I had her as a health coach. She cares about your well being and is willing to work with you dilligently and without judgement.

Michael Citrenbaum





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